Wills and Estates



A Will is a legal document that you plan how to distribute the things you own, your property and possessions among those who become beneficiaries of the will, after you die.  Your property and possessions include everything you own: your home, land, car, money in bank accounts, insurance policies, shares, jewellery, pictures, furniture, and so on. Making a Will is the only way you can plan how your assets be distributed in the way you want in future.

If the will is invalid and does not meet the legal requirements, the court has the power to decline to grant a probate or confirm the will is valid.  The property will then be disposed according to the statutes.  It is important to have legal advice in considering the issues raised when preparing a will.




We can assist in transfer or sale of estate property held in a joint tenancy of transmission application for transfer of property by the Executor.  We will notify the statutory authorities of the change of ownership upon the completion of the transfer.

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